How do I register?

Registration for tennis classes with CityTennis is handled through our online system only at All participants must register in advance (including free trial).

CityTennis offers a universal discount structure for group classes, across all locations. We recommend that students practice at least 2X per week for a quicker progression

2nd class (per week) - 15% off 3rd/4th/5th class (per week) - 25% off

For any questions pertaining to registration, please call CityTennis at (818) 583-7442 or email

What’s Included in Each Session?

Each session includes 10 classes, with a personalized attendance card to keep track of student commitment. A progress report is prepared by the coach at the end of each session. Through student surveys, coaches are evaluated every session to ensure quality control.

What is the Student-to-Coach Ratio?

Student to Coach ratio is approximately 8-1. Throughout classes with matchplay included, coaches will be giving instruction on more than 1 court. Staff Professionals and Instructor Bios can be found on each location page. Instructors subject to change. Clinics with 2 students or less is subject to shorter class time as a private or semi-private session.

Financial Assistance and Scholarships

We offer Youth Assistance Scholarships for qualifying students ages 6-18. Households who meet the income level limits (low to moderate income based on household size) may apply. Scholarships are awarded based on need and cover program fee either in part or full. If you qualify for a scholarship, you can email us at to request an application. Your confirmation will be emailed to you once your application has been approved. There is a scholarship limit per household and documentation of residency within 15 miles of the location and income of all household members is required. For more information about the CityTennis Youth Assistance Scholarship, please e-mail for more info.

What is the Youth Progression Program?

CityTennis Youth Progression Program is a fun, introductory tennis learning experience for children ages 6 – 12. The program follows the USTA youth progression pathway for juniors, using bespoke rackets and balls that match the size and strength of each player. With individualized, systematic evaluations along the way, students will build a solid foundation and efficiently develop their skills and techniques to move up the levels. Of course, plenty of fun team games that incorporate everything learned will be thrown into the mix, solidifying how different skills can be incorporated in real match situations.

What is the Player Development Program?

Player Development Program is a high-performance clinic for juniors ages 13-18 years old. It’s a systematic training program designed for competitive open-level players. The program focuses on developing competitive tennis players into champions, following official structure of the USTA Player Development Pathway.

Program includes: Comprehensive & high-performance fitness program Positive and challenging training environment Tactical and technical drills Match Play (singles & doubles) and strategy Initial and final evaluations at the end of each session Student Athlete mentorship

Private Lessons / Semi-Private Lessons

We encourage all students to take advantage of both private lessons and group classes. Private lessons allow students to learn skills in a more individual setting.

Step 1: Click on the “private lessons” link for each location. Step 2: Contact the instructor to schedule a lesson. (See Instructor bio page) Step 3: Your time slot will be confirmed once the payment is made through our website.

Private Lesson Cancellations: A minimum of 8 hours' notice is required for any rescheduling or cancellation. The full fee will be charged for missed sessions without such notification.

Required Equipment

With the exception of National Junior Tennis & Learning (NJTL) Program, students may use a CityTennis loaner or "demo" racquet for their first three classes. After three classes, all students should have their own racquet. If you or your child needs to purchase a racquet, our tennis professionals will provide guide and assist you in proper racquet selection. Factors to consider include: grip size, frame weight, head size, flexibility, composition and proper stringing. We recommend that you "demo" any racquet before purchasing. Your instructor can bring "demos" to class for your use.

What Size Tennis Racquet Does My Child Need?

You want your child to play with the largest racquet they can swing easily. Racquet size can vary if your child is smaller or larger than typically at their age. The following suggestions are based on average size.

Age 5 should play with a 21" racquet Ages 6-7 should play with a 23” racquet Ages 8-10 should play with a 25” racquet Ages 11-14 will play with a full size racquet. Make sure the racquet is lightweight and the grip size is 4 – 4 ¼ (not larger)

Class Advancement

Advancement through class levels is a very individual process. Some students will be ready to advance after only one session at each level. Other players, because of different levels of natural ability, practice time, and prior experience, may need to repeat a level before advancing to the next one. To ensure that students are at the correct level, CityTennis assigns a rating to each student so they know exactly what level they are. After consulting with CityTennis, please register for the next session as soon as possible to ensure a spot in the desired class.

Make-Up Policy

Students must make up all missed classes due to absence within the same session. Missed classes due to inclement weather or serious injuries may be carried over into future sessions. All make-up requests must be emailed to for record-keeping purposes.

Weather Updates

Students and Guardians will be notified of any Cancellations due to bad weather via phone, SMS or e-mail. Please call CityTennis at (818) 583-7442 or email for update on weather conditions and class cancellations.

Refund Policy

CityTennis will provide refunds in certain situations. Medical refunds requested prior to the start date of the course/program will be granted in full. A doctor's note must be provided for all medical refunds to be processed. A pro-rated refund will be granted for medical refund requests received during or after the course/program.

CityTennis will provide full refunds if your child signs up for a class that we need to cancel due to low enrollment or if there are no other children at your child's same level playing at the time you selected. Refunds are provided 2 weeks after each session starts.


Classes generally do not meet on legal holidays and school holidays. To verify your class schedule, please email

We welcome your questions about and suggestions for our tennis program. Please call CityTennis at (818) 583-7442 or email